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Kent wavered a moment, then obediently staggered over to the fireplace, his erection bobbing in front of him.And the runerod pushed in completely."Thanks, buddy." I said, then added: "Hey, wait a minute. Is that because you think she won't like it, or..."The following erotic fiction is the first place winner in the LELO Erotica Writing Competition. ..."Hell, yes," John said. "We're going to be rich if we do this.""No!" I snapped in frustration. "Christ, Doug, are you serious? That's Jim and Laurie's daughter!"
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"Well, that's what he thinks too," Jason laughed. "But I doubt it.""Couldn't tell ya, but I'm not complaining, either." He replied."What the hell are you doing in here?" I asked.I walked up to the bar with an empty glass, making it look clear that I wanted another drink. I stood at the bar just a little apart from Cassidy and her two admirers, and waited for the bartender to notice me."Have you ever done it before?" John asked.@Lelo_OfficialGetting to her feet, she stuck her finger in her mouth and gently sucked it, tasting herself. She had quickly learned that she loved sucking on a cock, especially after it had been inside of her and was covered with her juices, and she now understood why the boys who she fucked enjoyed so much as they nibbled on her pussy. If she could reach it she'd eat herself, she thought with a grin. But what to wear today. She didn't really have any plans until tonight, just laze around the house, maybe get some sun, or just watch some TV.I stood there hoping my face wasn't betraying my dismay. This was getting worse by the minute. If Jenna had been watching, then she saw how hot Becca and I had been getting. Her parents were old-fashioned and she had always given me the impression that she was a little sheltered, and my little dance had been pretty blatant. Still, I decided to try to play it off.
"Enough, Kim," Doug said as he sped up and went around the slow-moving van in front of us. "It's too late now. We admitted what we're into, not that she didn't know anyway, and it's not like we don't want to, so"—he glanced over at me and placed his hand on my thigh, giving it a squeeze—"let's go have some fun.""You like them?" Kelly asked, excited and enjoying the feel of Becky?s daddy?s hands on her.~~~~"Come over here." I offered her my hand. She eased back on the rug. Anne found a pillow nearby, and handed it to me without rising. Anja lifted her lovely bottom, and I tucked the pillow under her. She spread her legs to me. I crawled on top of her, and Anja's arm swept around my neck, clutching me tightly. She waited until my cock penetrated her fully before locking her ankles behind my back. Her pussy firmly gripped my cock, pleasantly surprising me. I fucked her nice and slow. Our foreheads touched as we both bent our necks downward to watch my cock slide in and out of her pussy.In an instant, I felt a deep connection to Melissa beyond just sex.... I now had a new lover! I began to ease my cock in and out of her. Her tight pussy walls held onto my cock and her pleasure increased with every thrust. We were locked in missionary position and we seemed content to stay there. We remained in a warm and tit embrace as I continued to slowly pump my cock in and out of Melissa. Our eyes locked and it was if we looked into each other's souls as we made love to each other. Melissa wrapped her legs around me holding me tight with her thighs. I began to steadily increase my pace slowly going faster and with more intensity. I could feel my desire to cum build in me so I pulled out of Melissa to grab a condom. I put the condom on and Melissa told me that she wanted to give Chris and Lynn the same show that they gave us. I lay in the edge of the bed and Melissa mounted me "reverse cowgirl" giving our spouses a clear view of us making love. As Melissa rode me, she began to rub her clit building her towards another orgasm. Melissa's pace on my cock began to increase as did the intensity that she rubbed herself. I felt the urge to blow my load in Melissa but I tried to hold out till she came again. I felt her pussy walls begin to tremble and squeeze me as she began to moan and scream... this was my moment. I stayed off as long as I could and somehow managed a few more od Melissa's pelvic thrusts before I exploded. Melissa forced her waist down on to me as hard as she could as I shot my load into my condom. Sensing that I was complete, Melissa lifted herself off of me and laid her body atop of me showing her freshly fucked pussy to Chris and Lynn."Not likely," John agreed.
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"Well, what did he say?" Kelly asked, slightly perturbed at having to pry it out of him."What do you mean me? This was your idea!"Anne whispered, "You better go down on her now, before Kent fucks her." I looked at her quizzically.She wanted to recreate the attentions of the younger woman and was surprised by the sudden, sharp pleasure of twisting her left nipple, something she had never tried either alone or with a lover. In that gesture she found an unexpected and unusual pleasure, so she let her fingers find her other nipple within the cup of her bra, then undid her top button to try both at the same time. She loved it, moreover, the thrill of acting in unison with the scene above gave her shivers that forced her to close her eyes and continue despite the danger of being discovered."And nobody's likely to come here, are they?" Kelly asked her eyes on his growing bulge.Janet was visibly flushed, not so much embarrassed as excited. Anne was the next one to up the ante. She got out of her seat and stood behind Kent. Pretending to be a concerned, she tied her cloth napkin around his neck like a bib, deliberately rubbing her stiff nipples across his shoulders as she did. Looking over his shoulder into his lap, she cooed, "Oh my, your penis is waving at me. We can't have that at the table, now, can we?" Anne reached out her hand and grasped Kent's erection, pumped his shaft a few times, and then tucked him back into his underwear. As Anne moved away to her own seat, Kent patted her nearly bare bottom and snapped her thong."I'm in your bathroom," Cassidy's voice replied, surprising me from just a few feet away. "I thought it would be easier to clean in here in case there was a mess.""Hi, this is Anne, from across the street. Is this Anna?"
"I don't know about this, John," Tom said. "I've never had an audience before.""Oh my God, you have no idea," I responded with a satisfied sigh, and a smile of my own."Sweetheart, I'm going to see if Kent needs a hand in the kitchen. Love you." I called.My mind was spinning, overloading trying to process Cassidy's offer. Looking back, I wonder if my eyes were displaying that spinning hourglass icon from when computers are taking a while to process something. This was the OPPOSITE of what I had wanted when I had agreed to let Cassidy move in. That was my overriding thought. Fooling around with your roommate was even more dangerous than fooling around with a close female friend. Something was bound to go wrong.Once Tiffany had been satisfactorily fitted out, Junior and Junior had drawn the traps down and out until the traps had lain flat on the floor. Next, the boys had anchored the traps in place with a foot and stood up. Having secured Tiffany by her nipples, the twins had managed to restrict her movements appreciably, although her bottom was still describing a small circle. Gratified by the results, the thoughtful boys had then turned their attention to finding more sources of nourishment for the cute "Bottom Feeder", their pet name for her....I'm sure a lot of people will be exasperated by my timidity at this point in my story. All I can offer in my defense is that I really did not want to screw up my living situation, and I thought a good outcome was very unlikely. I was not the type of person who this kind of stuff happened to, and I knew all this fooling around between me and Cassidy could be dangerous if it didn't go well. It turned out that I was mostly right.
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"Next week, Kelly," he replied, smiling at her youth as she and John left his office and entered the elevator."Kelly, what are you doing?" he asked, shocked beyond belief."What's the bet, though, son?" Jason asked, intrigued by his son's thinking."All right, let's go then," Kelly agreed, skipping off down the trail, her bikini in her hand."Hey, it's not like we're Vampires, that takes two bites!" She protested.And the runerod pushed in completely."Hey, I was wondering if you have any..." I could hear Cassidy saying.CHAPTER 3

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She didn't even have a regular boyfriend. He felt his frus-trations peak as his balls scrunched up and cum shot from the end of his cock, splashing all over the floor. When he finished cumming, he stood up, determined to figure a way out of his dilemma before he went absolutely crazy.The third fairy was flitting around her, giggling like mad. She had an enormous feather almost twice her height, and was currently using it to tickle Ia's soles and toes. The catgirl had turned her feet into erogenous zones, and Ia gasped and whined at every little touch, every feathery caress. Just the feather alone could bring her to a hundred desperately-needed, humiliating orgasms, she knew. If only Elly would allow it. If only Elly would call her a good girl.Ignoring the growing heat between my legs, I smiled. "Thank you, I think so." I gestured at the dance floor. "So, I like to keep him happy, and I did, and now—"Anja released Kent's now fully erect cock from her mouth, and swung to the right. She skipped over Janet and swallowed her husbands' pendulous pole. I looked to Anne, blinking with relief. She winked back at me. I figured she must have mentioned something to Anja earlier.She watched as we quickly complied with her demand. Satisfied, Jan withdrew. While I haphazardly tossed dishes into the soapy water, Kent fixed everyone's favorite beverage. We could hear the girls laughing and giggling beyond the door, over the sound of the water jets. In a low voice, I said to Kent, "So...what's going on?""OK, let's...Oh, look!" Anne pointed out the front window. A flashlight was moving down the driveway across the street. "They're coming."
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With everyone's sexual appetites sated for the moment, we finally settled down to eat before breakfast got too cold. Over pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs and muffins we discussed plans for the day's activities. Whatever was decided upon, it surely would include more sex. We thought about just staying in and fucking the rest of the day, but the girls decided that Kent and I needed to recharge, so we opted for morning shopping, followed by afternoon skiing.------------"N-n-n-no," Kelly stammered. "I want to do it. I'm just nervous, that's all. What if he doesn't like me or I don't do something right?"I too am in my mid-forty’s, I am 6ft tall and medium build at about 210. With life and day-to-day, I am only able to hit the gym three times a week trying to keep myself in some decent shape as to keep myself looking good for my wife. I am averaged size below sporting a 6 in circumcised member which I keep well groomed with only a small strip of pubes above my shaft and clean shaven every place else. My wife says she loves the shape of my member with a definite distinction between the head and the shaft. She loves to feel my plump head enter her followed by the shaft with defined veins to give it a little extra feel…. She has always enjoyed the feel of my cock in her mouth and her love canal."You scared me," she said, climbing up onto the grassy area, her naked body sparkling with the water in the sunlight.John watched as inch by inch Mr. Henderson's cock slid into Kelly's pussy. He couldn't believe how big it seemed to him and how easily Kelly's portal of joy adjusted to its size, welcoming it deep inside of her secrete palace.Jenna laughed delightedly and several people clapped and cheered around us. As she had done, I let my hands wander along her long, smooth legs as I worked my way up. I stopped at the backs of her thighs, but couldn't resist placing my hands on her ass over her dress and pulling her into me. Her arms quickly went around my shoulders and we started to sway back and forth, our faces only inches apart. My pussy was starting to drip, and my nipples were aching as her blue eyes stared directly into mine."Thanks, Mr. Henderson," John said, getting out of the car.

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