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"I want you to fuck me" she whispered. I could easily smell the strong scent of alcohol on her breath.I reached across my erection with my free left hand, and met Cassidy's soft fingers. Quickly, she guided my palm down to the top of her right breast. Her tit flesh was warm, and smooth. I squeezed just a little, and felt unbelievably firm fullness in her tit. I moaned softly, the tingles now building in my loins as I palmed Cassidy's little nipple."Oh fuck!" she hissed from somewhere above me."Yeah, guess it really doesn't matter whose idea this was.""Oh, yes!" I said quickly. "I wouldn't come here alone."Ia stared at her. Realized her mistake.Anne snatched towels from the pile on the chair, tossing one to each of us, then drying herself. It was certainly cold away from the warmth of the tub. Our teeth were beginning to chatter as we hurried inside."We wouldn't be using you!" part of me said to just let her go, walk away, and maybe try with another girl. But she was so perfect! "Just being playful!"
"He gets that all the time, that women think he might hurt them. This is not true." She said, defensively."I don't know how a never noticed before that you have such a big cock," she told me casually. "It's not like you hide it."Cassidy's fingers were running over the underside of my shaft, while her thumb circled my cock head. I quickly had a full erection, between her soft rubbing and the sight of her incredible, naked body."I thought you were just teasing me," Kelly said, staring at him. "You really mean that though? And besides, when we were little we would play with each other, don?t you remember?""I'm on a scavenger hunt, I'll explain when I get there," she told me hurriedly, "Please don't go anywhere, I'll be right there." With that, she hung up.The word almost sounded more insulting than 'pet', the way she said it.
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"Because I want you to get so hot and horny watching someone else fuck me that you'll totally fuck my brains out after we get back home," she replied, smiling at him.He opened his mouth to gasp and it was filled with Kelly's pussy. His tongue automatically shot into her pussy, fran-tically sucking and licking at the juices that flowed from her while his dick continued to spew cum into her mouth. After what seemed like hours they both slowly stopped, laying with their mouths on each other, breathing deeply. Finally Kelly rolled off and turned around, snuggling up against her brother.That image caused my heart to skip a beat and Doug squeezed my hand so hard it hurt. I looked at Jenna but remained silent knowing the only word that would come out was yes. Jenna looked around. Seeing no one was close to us, she stepped directly in front of me, grabbed my hand, and yanked it up under her skirt. Caught by surprise, I didn't have a chance to resist as she pressed my hand between her legs. "Oh!" I whispered at the feeling of her bare flesh, her soaking wet, bare, hot, and oh, so smooth flesh. She started sliding my hand back and forth, and I could feel the edge of it sliding between the lips of her pussy.Her excitement was growing and growing exponentially, betraying her initial calm confidence."Geez!" I exclaimed, "How many guys fucked you this morning?"My cock swelled with desire, and I realized how great it was going to feel to cum on Cassidy. The naked chick with the bouncing boobs in my video was arousing, but the thought of Cassidy waiting in the next room for my cum was electrifying. What I wanted was Cassidy's wet lips wrapped tightly around my cock. What I wanted was to feel Cassidy's smooth breasts in my hands, and to wrap them around my manhood. What I wanted was to deliver my steaming load straight up Cassidy's wet, tight pussy.Still with her eyes closed, Cassidy reached up towards me with one hand. "Give me your hand," she ordered. "If you want, you can touch them."We had been to this bar many times before, and I knew there was a second floor bathroom that not many people knew about or used because the second floor closed when the dinner service stopped at 10:00. "Wait one minute, then meet me upstairs in the men's room. Okay?" I asked.



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