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Tiffany smiled back. "I wanted to thank you for seeing to it that I got fed this past year." She had gotten into some financial difficulties; and Buford had been willing to help her out, for a price."So, is that what it's like, with your other friends, I mean?" Jan inquired.Brist blinked. He could feel his orgasm rising again, but there was something disturbing about all this. So despite all the programming in him, he reached up and delicately—his lips were still erotically sensitive and ticklish—pulled out the vine."Cassidy, give me a handjob," I replied firmly as her fingers milked my shaft."You don't look old or creepy," I told him, leaning over and kissing his cheek. "You're a good-looking guy, and damn, do you fill those jeans out!" I gave his ass a good hard squeeze for emphasis."I know," Kelly replied. "And we will be. After they go to sleep we can do anything though."
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"Well, yes," John stammered. "Uh, I talked to her."The blonde laughed at something the other said, then delivered a swift slap to the other’s ass, causing her to lean with both hands on the railing with a grin before turning around for a long, passionate kiss. Ruth bit her lip, trying to imagine the sensation, to imagine the details of the scene taking place. Were they lovers, or strangers who had just gone to bed for the first and last time?"Tell me when you're going to do it, if you can," she asked.The last syllable of her encouragement was cut off with a muffling sound. If I had to bet on the cause, I'd have wagered that one of the two guys in there had shoved his dick in her mouth. Both seemed amused, their laughter ringing loudly through the doorway.Chris pulled his cock out of my wife’s mouth and laid her on the bed positioning himself above my wife’s groin area. From where Melissa and I sat, we had a clear view of my wife’s pussy and what Chris was about to do. He began kissing the upper areas of Lynn’s thighs tempting and teasing her as his face crept closer and closer to her wanting pussy. It wasn’t long before my wife was begging Chris to eat her! Being a gentleman, Chris obliged and began to lick my wife’s pussy. He seemed to know how to make her climb to an orgasm because in nothing flat, she was edging to one. I guess he saw Melissa and I were intently watching what he was doing and he stopped for a moment and then inserted a finger into Lynn and began to finger fuck her. After several strokes, he began to lick her pussy giving special attention to her clit, this time he did it in such a way that Melissa and I could see what he was doing. Melissa told me how what he was doing to Lynn drove her wild and often made her cum faster than she would want. No sooner then she said that my wife began to tense up and grabbed Chris’ head pulling him to her groin letting me know she was about ready to cum. Lynn began to scream as the waves of sexual ecstasy took her over. My wife bucked wildly as she lost control of her body to the sexual pleasure that she was enjoying. As my wife shuddered from her orgasm, Chris released his face from Lynn’s crotch and positioned himself ready to plunge his cock into my wife. This was the moment of truth… someone other than me was about to fuck my wife. Chris looked at Melissa and I as if to ask for permission, Melissa blew him a kiss and I simply gave him a thumbs up. As Lynn’s waves of passion began to lessen, he slid his entire shaft into my wife’s pussy! Lynn opened her eyes and let out a moan of absolute pleasure. He bottomed out in my wife and Lynn reached up and pulled him close to her in an embrace.I had no idea what to say. Looking at Cassidy, her blue eyes blazed now with something I couldn't quite place. Determination? Desire? If I hadn't been drinking earlier, if I hadn't been so turned on by seeing her naked before, if I hadn't found myself admiring her body so many times, I might have said no. But of course, if I had said no, I wouldn't be telling you this story."No..." he managed."If you want me to," John replied, pulling his shirt on over his head. "Do you want me to?" he asked, looking at her. "It's not too late to change your mind."

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