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"We almost got caught, Kelly," John complained, trying to stuff his gooey cock back into his pants."Whatever" I thought to myself. I padded silently back down the hallway to my room and closed the door. After a couple of minutes trying to muffle the moaning and screaming with a pillow stuffed over my ears, I drifted back off to sleep.And Mistress Elly's voice was so sweet, so loving, Ia could only stare deep into her eyes and feel the sparkle leave her own. Good girls always say yes. Good girls get to come. Dumb bimbos never get to come, so they stay dumb bimbos. If I get smart, I can... I can... I can be a good girl, and then I can come. I can be a good, dumb bimbo, and I can come, and I can get smart, and I can... can come..."Really?" John asked, flopping down on his stomach to hide his erection.I felt Doug pause behind me and heard him say softly, "You know, her parents do travel a lot!""What would you like me to do, Mr. Henderson?" Kelly asked.
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"And you think you can talk her in to this idea?"LELO Sex Position of the Week: The Running StartJan came strolling into the kitchen. Unlike Anne, whose towel concealed everything, Jan had hers caught loosely around her hips, allowing those beautiful melons of hers to bounce freely. Janet picked up Kent's cup and took a long swallow. Kent and I were still completely naked, except for the one oven mitt Kent wore while chasing my wife around the dinette table. Breakfast was done and ready to serve. Janet noticed Kent had left the griddle on and unplugged it.Tiffany grunted as she worked the spoon into her tight bunghole and again as she worked it deep into her derriere until only a few inches of the handle remained in view. She stopped then and seemed to be awaiting further suggestions. The boy smiled. Taking hold of the handle, he guided her back to the bed. He pulled up on the handle and she quickly scrambled up on the bed but remained on her hands and knees, with her head down."Oh relax," Cassidy replied, with a teasing slap of my shoulder. "Didn't you enjoy last night?"The girl was slow to respond, so the boy jerked up on the handle again, so that it pointed up at an angle. The girl's head jerked up as she went down on her elbows, and she quickly nodded her understanding. Satisfied, the boy got ready to leave. For a moment he considered leaving the spoon where it was, but immediately thought better of it. He didn't want her to wake up to find her ass plugged with the spoon and wondering how it got there. He placed his left hand on her bottom and pulled steadily with his right until the bowl stopped his progress. He paused for a few moments to consider how best to proceed; then shoved the spoon deep again and immediately yanked back on it in order to gain some momentum. The spoon pulled free with both an audible pop as Tiffany's anus opened wide and shut tight in an instant and an audible gasp as Tiffany's mouth opened wide at least. She moaned softly: "Thank you." Surprised but pleased, the boy grinned and patted her affectionately on the bottom and said: "Hope you didn't get any splinters!"They rested in silence for a while, enjoying the sun, before Kelly spoke up again.She started to say something, but fate smiled on me again when a ballad came on. Not giving her a choice, I put my arms around her neck and began swaying slowly in time with the music as I stared into her eyes. She seemed nervous but was breathing heavy with her eyes fixed on mine. In an instant, I knew the first part of our plan had worked; she was all mine. We remained silent for a moment. Her, I'm sure because she had no idea what to say, and for me, it was simply enjoying not only our breasts pressing together but looking at Doug over her shoulder.
"Not at all?" John asked.I entered the bathroom and a fresh case of nerves assailed me. Through a stroke of luck, a quick glance told me that there was no one in the stalls and that my hopefully soon-to- be newfound friend was at the long counter fixing her hair in front of the mirror. There was one other girl there as well, but she was leaning against the wall speaking quietly into a phone and staring down at the floor, her long blonde hair hanging over her face and concealing her features. Taking a deep breath, I walked over to the counter. Standing next to the redhead, I put my purse down and removed my lipstick.The source of the light he had become so unreasonably hopeful for was, in fact, several strange golden balls hanging from the high black ceiling, each varying in size from the size of his head to the size of a small mastiff. Looking closely at them, Okino could almost swear he saw creatures writhing inside those orbs. Writhing humanoid shapes, contorting in passionate embrace.He breathed in again, and again. His mind was sinking into cushioned bliss. It was so hot here. So comfortable. His brain was all fuzzy now. What had he been worrying about? It had been important. He... he needed to escape."I don't know if we should," John said, shocked at the suggestion being voiced and that was foremost in his mind.Dear LELO: Is Sex In Water Safe?
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Cassidy looked at me, her eyes questioning, and then dropped to her knees on the bathroom floor. I walked forward confidently, my cock pointed at her face, and stopped with my cock head just an inch from her soft lips. Looking up at me with her bright, blue eyes, Cassidy's soft, pink lips parted and she sucked the head of my dick into her warm, wet mouth.Doug nodded. "That's right! They're gone until Tuesday. Your dad asked me to keep an eye on you so—""Hi, mom," Kelly replied."I don't know what you think you know, but I—you're wrong." Turning, I walked quickly off the dance floor and over to Doug.Even as she masturbated, the catgirl sensuously drew the paintbrush across Ia's pussy lips in several long strokes, then returned to spiraling around the clit. Ia's mind was in torturous fireworks."So, you think your sister will go along with your scheme?" he asked John.Kent scrambled to his feet and stepped around behind Anja.A Night at the Burlesque: An Erotic Story of Coworkers with a Craving
Doug got the door open. Stepping to the side, he made a show of waving us in. Jenna walked past me and Doug reached out and took her hand, running ran her long nails lightly across his cheek. As I walked by him, he looked at me and whispered, "Kim, we're not going to regret this.""I don't know how a never noticed before that you have such a big cock," she told me casually. "It's not like you hide it."I wiped my cock head with some toilet paper, flushed, and turned to find that she had been watching me the whole time. "I think there should be repercussions when you do something like that," I told her."Well, you're the swingers, here." She waved towards Anne and I. "What's the etiquette in this situation?" She nodded at the basket."I think he'll do whatever you want him to do," John replied. "I'll see you later," he said, going off to his first class, a smile on his face because of the great feeling his body now had."Basically, yeah. Most guys aren't as thick as Lee." She looked at me.
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But as much as I wanted to say no, I was in a tough spot. Cassidy had learned that my apartment was slightly bigger than hers and in a better location. She really wanted to move into the place. And I didn't want to start off on a bad note with my best friend's soon-to-be wife. So I stalled for a couple of days before deciding I had to agree to the deal. It was better than interviewing replacement roommates, and how bad could it really be to live with a sweet, beautiful woman? Stupid decision"Because I love to fuck," Kelly said truthfully. "And I love the idea of fucking all of dad's friends and making lots of money doing it."Anne and Janet were leaning close, speaking in almost conspiratorial whispers. Kent and I had to get quite close to the girls to hear them, fascinated by their conversation. My hand rested on Jan's upper thigh, my fingers brushing the soft hair of her pussy. Kent had one arm dr*ped about Anne's shoulders. At first, his hand merely rested on Anne's breast, but soon his fingers sought out her right nipple, and began teasing and tweaking it. Anne loves having her nipples played with, and her breathing became more labored. Emboldened by Kent's actions, I turned so I was pressed up against Janet's back, my erection touching her. I moved my hand ever so slowly, until my right index finger made contact with her clit. I started making slow circles on her, when she shifted her position. As if burned, I snatched my hand away from her pussy. Just as quickly, Jan caught my hand and very deliberately placed it back on her pussy, moving my hand to indicate she wished me to continue. Jan had shifted in order to press her bottom more fully against my stiff shaft. Anne was being a little more obvious, her arm sloshing in the water as she pumped Kent's hard on with her left hand. The girls continued their discussion on cocks."I take it that she isn't a virgin anymore then?" Tom asked."Oh, my god!" she moaned. "You guys are being so good to me!""The point is to cum on my face, remember," Cassidy responded. Her eyes moved to my still engorged cock wrapped tightly in my hand. "Go ahead, honey, cum on my pretty face."Not sure what was going on, I went to use the bathroom, and by the time I walked out I heard Cassidy's keys in the front door. She entered the room in a hurry, dressed in a tight little t-shirt and shorts that somehow still displayed the swell of her round bottom and the curve of her hip. She flashed me one of her dazzling smiles as she closed the door behind her, and bit her lower lip apprehensively as she walked into the living room.I was worried that Anja didn't know that Janet had never played with another woman. I didn't want there to be an unpleasant scene if Jan reacted poorly to that. She didn't seem at all disturbed by what Anja was doing to Anne. In fact, she watched with rather amused interest. I also noted that Jan and Anne were pressed quite close together, their breasts touching. That was a very reassuring sign. Still, I hoped that maybe Anne had mentioned something about Jan's preference.

Kent threw his hands up defensively. "No, not that, though I am very confident...""Anytime," she said with a smile, as she walked out of my room. Anytime?And pure, perfect pleasure consumed Ia's mind."Keep sucking, please!" Doug called out."Hey!" a voice called out directly behind me.With his mother and Kelly who were almost look-alike twins, he knew that he had been born into a blessed family and was determined to take advantage of it. That's what assets were for, his father constantly told him. If you don't utilize them, what good are they?
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"Fine, fine," Tom agreed. "Then I'll see you tomorrow night at my office at 8:00 then."It was the catgirl who'd hypnotized him before! 'Mew', the one they'd been waiting for! He stared up in awe at her gorgeous freckled face, longing for her to start teasing him the way her sisters had."Cassidy," I responded, my confidence growing. My hands reached up and grabbed her soft shoulders. "Use your hands to get me off. Play with my cock until I cum.""Oh, yes, I'm sure," Kelly replied, her tongue flicking out to lick his peter. "I want to try it, anyway. You don't mind, do you?" she asked. "Because if it bothers you, I won't do it. I'd rather have you anyway." "No, it doesn't bother me," John said, shaking his head. "It's just business as far as I'm concerned.""Here we go," he said, slowly pushing forward."Now, that's a remark every husband should hear coming from his wife!"The touch of her fingers was soft and firm. They traversed the length of my arm with an almost exasperating slowness, causing my breathing to grow heavy and deafening to my own ears. As they traipsed ever further with painful slowness, I felt my heart beating at dizzying speed, as if I were on the verge of an abyss.TO BE CONTINUED...

But Mistress got to come all the time. How could she be wrong when she was so smart? How could Ia be right when she was just a stupid, horny bimbo?"No," I said, trying to inspect her clothing, "But it's starting to run down onto your shirt." I reached for some toilet paper and tried to wipe away the little bit of my spunk that had splattered around her closed eyes."We'd better get home," Kelly said suddenly. "It looks like you'll be able to walk now," she said, seeing that his cock had relaxed substantially since he had cum.Mistress smiled sadly. “See how dumb you are? You hardly ever get to come, and now you've somehow convinced yourself she's blonde! Poor confused bimbo.""Kim, my bedroom faces your house. You think I haven't seen those girls come and go?"Anne said "I don't know, I don't keep score." Anne looked at me emphatically, knowing I kept a notebook of our "hobby".
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"Well, if she agrees, you two come to my house at 8:00 tonight."Ia knew the answer to this one. “Stupid!” she squealed."I don't know, I'm not an expert!" Anne told her, slightly exasperated. Jan seemed a bit taken aback by this, but then Anne offered, "I don't really look at them; I just put them in me, or in my mouth." She giggled. They both laughed.She knew that the orgasm was going to come alone and was very close. She feared that if she stopped, the electricity within her would disappear, so she continued, pushing her fingers in again and again, stroking her clit with her thumb. She opened her eyes for a second to look at the balcony and was disconcerted to see it completely empty. But that didn’t stop Ruth; she didn’t need them to feed the spark electrifying her entire body. She could feel molten sweat erupting from every pore, pricking with the wind that suddenly eased in through the window over her skin and her soaking fingers. She was about to, had just about come to orgasm…"You have a pretty everything, Becca.' Jenna laughed. "You were picking her up. You guys are into playing with girls my age and"—she slowly worked her tongue across her pink lips—"I want to play."Jan chided her, "Yes, you have too." Janet teased."John's never seen me have sex with anyone," Kelly assured him. "But I'd be more comfortable if he was with me."His nose twitched. He... smelled something. Something pleasant. And his heart sank as he recognized it.



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Elly eyed her for a moment, almost frowning. Ia felt a strange pain course through her at that look. She never wanted Mistress to look at her that way again. At last, Mistress sighed, and leaned in to gently kiss her. "Good girls," she murmured, "always say yes!”"Yes, they do! Especially in the summer." Jenna laughed, then moaned as I took her clit into my mouth."Cassidy, I don't..." I began to say, but before I could finish I felt her soft fingers slowly closing over my thick cock."Makes sense," I admitted hesitantly."Heehee—no!" The brunette leaped to her feet and bolted, fleeing the floating feather. "Get awaaaAAAAH!""She's been giving it some thought. She said she'd like to give it a try sometime, she just never said when. Why, is there a problem?" Kent asked.
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Chris realized that my stare was fixed on his wife’s beautiful, bald and pierced pussy. He slid a hand down to her exposed crotch and began to tease her pussy. Realizing that Chris had slid his hand to her pussy, Melissa immediately closed her legs showing a bit of embarrassment. Chris leaned over and whispered something in her ear which caused her to reopen her legs once again gave me an unobstructed view of Chris playing with her pussy. It was about this time when Lynn realized that I was fixated on what was being shown to me and she decided to join in on the fun, “I think I want some of that too!” My wife grabbed my hand and began to lead it towards her crotch but I didn’t need too much coaxing. I took full advantage of the opportunity and reached between Lynn’s legs and pulled her bikini bottom aside exposing her pussy and began to play with her allowing Chris and Melissa to watch. With all of the sexual tension going on, I was amazed that we somehow managed to continue to keep up some semblance of a conversation.----------Okino, the fair, dark-haired former captain of the elite strikeforce of knights sent to infiltrate and bring down a Thriae hive from within, stumbled down the hallway clad in only a towel. His cock was tingling with an almost agonizing need. He had just been fucking a psychopomp, and the pleasure still echoed through him every now and then."I love your breasts, they're so sexy," I responded as Cassidy's hands tugged upwards over my excited pole. "Your face is so beautiful... your eyes and your lips... You're so sexy!" I was losing control, both over my words and my body."Thanks, Mr. Henderson," John said, getting out of the car.With that, she spread her legs, showing me her pussy for the first time. I'm not exaggerating, it was possibly the prettiest pussy I've ever seen. Her pale skin turned to a deep, healthy shade of pink at her pussy lips. Her sex was smooth and plain and totally bare of any hair. Her lips were small and neatly symmetrical. And she was spreading her legs for me.She eagerly stepped up to me. Lowering my voice, I said, "Besides, you were right. I wanted to get Doug going. A little treat for him, and now we're going to head home.""Tell me when you're going to do it, if you can," she asked.
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